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Whether you're experiencing friction from outdated systems, security risks and unsuccessful tech adoption, or simply need to be more efficient, we have specialised business solutions. Discover our digital security, automation and productivity solutions that can be tailored to your specific context.

We understand the challenges of each modern workplace, and bring the most relevant, industry-focused technologies to help you grow faster, smarter and greener.

Capture, automate and collaborate

Here is how our business solutions can help you streamline and digitise your workplace:

  1. Capture and digitise information
  2. Automate and progress your organisation
  3. Collaborate to propel your organisation forward ​​

Capture and digitise content

Capture content and data in your organisation and digitise it for improved information access, sharing and collaboration. Kyocera’s Capture Manager takes the pain out of digitisation, speeding up the input process for a strong, organised outcome.

  • Minimise manual capture and save countless hours
  • Enable notifications on completion
  • Experience image correction on even the most damaged of documents
  • Enjoy the option of validation prior to upload
  • Create and configure easy workflows to assist in relevant storage

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Automate and progress your organisation

Business Process Automation enables you to increase productivity with the assets you already have. Streamlining repetitive and manual processes is key to organisational performance, and we can show you how.

Kyocera’s Intelligent Automation Platform is a smart and dynamic platform that:

  • Automates and streamlines important business processes to create greater productivity and accuracy
  • Aligns flexibly to your own workflows
  • Becomes the conduit between your other systems - sales, HR, inventory, accounting - facilitating the flow of information from one to another while securing your data

If you’re interested in greater integration, productivity and smart automation, talk to us today​.​

Collaborate to propel your organisation forward

Today’s hybrid work environment demands access to company information anywhere, at any time.

If you’re a small to medium-sized business looking to digitise, but unsure how to start, Kyocera’s Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) walks you through the process with ease.

Stop storing paper, start sharing online. Stop hassling with version control, start collaborating online, and find everything you need - fast.

KCIM helps you achieve this in an intelligent and integrated way. This SaaS platform facilitates the searchable storage and management of your digital documents online, offering you:

  • Cloud-based access to your documents
  • Enhanced security with configurable user permissions
  • Easy storage, indexing and searching of documents for retrieval
  • Integration with print and scan funct​ions for streamlined operations
  • Workflow automation with task assignment to single or multiple users
  • Data validation for appropriate governance
  • Digital signature function for streamlined approval processes
  • Mobile accessibility​

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