Create an agile environment through digitalisation

The digital transformation of financial service companies is enhancing accessibility, security and mobility.

For any business, customers are paramount. When that business involves investing and protecting clients' hard-earned assets, as it does for financial services companies, being a lean and agile operation that provides a reliable and efficient customer experience, is imperative. To achieve this, and drive business growth, financial services providers should be looking to digital technology platforms.

Business optimisation technology such as Enterprise Content Management solutions are essential for streamlining internal processes, transforming the speed and efficiency with which staff can access client information. This not only makes processes far more productive but allows financial service providers to spend less time on performing administrative tasks and more time on improving business offerings and optimising customer service.​

There are many ways that automation technology assists in reducing costs through greater efficiency and better productivity. For example, moving processes to a digital solution removes the need for paperwork and documentation and time-consuming filing. At the same time, the move to a digital solution brings added security and accuracy of records. The protection of valuable private information is crucial in any organisation, but especially in the financial service sector. Using digital technology allows for access permission to be restricted to specific users, only allowing approved access to information. This technology also drives mobility, with management and staff being able to access company documentation whilst on the go.

There's no doubt that an investment in a digital transformation plan will add value and provide a return on investment for any financial services organisation.

The benefits of automating financial processes

Taking control of your finances will lead to positive changes across your entire organisation.

Improve operations

In financial services, accuracy is king. It is fundamental to have one, unified system available for all staff and financial professionals. With access to all relevant documentation in just a few clicks, such tools make life far more simple for all members of staff. Such a central reference point is crucial to securing a business which operates well, leaving a positive lasting impression on customers.

Audit and assure compliance

The financial services industry is knowingly one of the most highly regulated in the world. This can provide complications for firms in the sector when it comes to audits and compliance, particularly with so much sensitive paperwork. Duff & Phelps found that 24% of leading finance organisations expect to spend more than 5% of revenue on compliance by 2023, highlighted by the fact that 73% are prepared to invest in tools to handle the process. Digital automation solutions allow documents to be easily stored and filtered, meaning that they can be easily found and built into a process which assures regulatory compliance.

Integrate with existing systems

Linking up with the many different systems at play in the financial services sector is essential. It is of the utmost importance that documentation can be put to good use with a variety of different systems to link up and provide new benefits for the institution. Digital transformation solutions ensure that this is possible and are designed to work alongside various tools to allow financial services companies to maximise their efficiency and reduce costs whilst providing the best possible customer service.

Take steps to secure your print environment

Guaranteeing a secure way to print on the go is a basic requirement for financial professionals.

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