Working towards a sustainable world

We aim “to do what is right as a human being”, a concept we include in all decision making.


Innovation to protect our planet

Kyocera is committed to a more sustainable future.

Less waste, long-life, low cost

Our ECOSYS printers create less waste and have the lowest cost per print against comparable devices. We were the first to develop a cartridge-free system for laser printers and we focus our innovative thinking on reducing environmental impact (Ecology), minimising running costs (Economy), and ensure effortless integration with information networks (Systems).

See the light

Kyocera views solar as crucial for the future of our society. We are innovating to reduce our planet’s dependence on conventional energy sources, with ideas such as floating solar power plants to solar ventilation in the Toyota Prius.

We practice what we preach

We purify water used in our factories so that it's cleaner when we've finished with it than the water in the public water supply. We work hard to make our factories and offices 'green', with rooftop solar power systems and 'green curtains' planted to grow over windows and outer walls, helping reduce our energy consumption. We also contribute to biodiversity conservation.​​​​

We're part of the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative.

Prosperity and harmony with coexistence

We’re taking bold action on how we operate to protect the environment and live up to our corporate motto: “Respect the Divine and Love People”

Tough issues need tough action

We are working hard to reduce waste, conserve resources, manage chemical substances in a responsible way and protect biodiversity. Our KYOCERA Environmental Charter is our comprehensive commitment to protecting the environment, developing eco-friendly products, energy conservation and preventing climate change.

Thinking and acting 'green'

We have ambitious goals for sustainable growth and demands to satisfy ecology and economy by the year 2020 and policies to reduce our impact on the environment. We focus on three areas: green products, green factories and green communication. We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, working on sustainable recycling of resources and doing more to help us coexist harmoniously with nature.

Targets to improve life for everyone

We have ambitious policies and targets to help us keep improving our environmental and safety performance. We aim to reduce greenhouse emissions, energy and water consumption and industrial waste discharge by one per cent every year at our sites. We have also set targets to control industrial accidents and to achieve zero fire incidents.

Leadership on sustainable products

Our R&D centres develop products that reduce costs and increase productivity with superior environmental performance.

Talk to us, we’re human

Ask a Kyocera expert how we can help deal with your query or provide more information about our commitment to the environment.