Data security in the digital age

How to protect your business data from cybersecurity threats

Whilst there are many upsides to the digital world, there is also a new world of data security threats that businesses need to navigate. Security vulnerabilities and gaps are being exposed by using sophisticated technologies such as AI, machine learning and automation. 

Accepting this reality and facing up to the challenge is an essential part of digital transformation. Gartner​ predicts that 70% of CEOs will soon mandate a ‘culture of organisational resilience’ to protect their organisations from increasing cybercrime, as well as other social, political and economic uncertainties. 

Organisations wishing to protect themselves from growing cybersecurity threats, both externally and internally, need to make data security a top priority in their digital transformation journeys. One place to start is with a security audit. ​

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​Cybercrime costs the Australian economy an estimated $42 billion each year. In 2021/22 alone, the Australian Cyber Security Centre received over 76,000 cybercrime reports, an increase o​​f nearly 13% from the previous financial year.

So how can you protect your organisation?

Often, the trouble is knowing where to start, which is why it helps to have an external, experienced eye take a closer look. A Kyocera security audit will uncover the vulnerabilities putting your organisation at risk today, and provide recommendations for how to mitigate them. Simply fill in the form and we’ll be in touch to schedule a time for your security audit. ​​

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Cybercrime costs the world trillions of dollars every year, and threats are becoming increasingly advanced. However, the right data security measures can help you boost your business' defences to strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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Threats to print and document networks are increasingly complex in the era of hybrid and remote work. That’s why organisations need industry-leading expertise, products and services to protect their business. Download our guide to learn more about our specialised document security solutions.

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