Managed Print Services

Comprehensive optimisation of your print and document environment for reduced cost, less downtime and improved security.

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services is a tailored solution built around the specific needs of your business environment. Our document management experts analyse your print needs and usage to rapidly identify opportunities to improve your business workflows and processes. This includes managing and optimising print devices, document infrastructure, security and the environmental impact of all printed and electronic documents.

With this approach, you can quickly reduce printing costs and device downtime, while increasing document security and becoming more efficient and productive in how you manage documentation.​

Signs your organisation needs a managed print solution

  • Your documents aren’t managed properly, leading to missing files, security breaches and general frustration amongst your staff.
  • Unauthorised access to printer and administration settings 
  • You spend a lot of time sorting out service issues with several print providers and device downtime is high.
  • You’re wasting money on inefficient machines, systems and processes; the problem is systemic and you’re not sure how to go about fixing it.


Kyocera’s MPS solutions

Kyocera’s Managed Print Services deliver a total solution that reduces your printing costs, enhances workplace productivity and improves data protection, while minimising your impact on the environment.

We provide the necessary expertise and support at every stage of the process – from assessment and solution design to implementation, management and optimisation of your print and document environment. This includes benefits such as:


Kyocera printers, copiers and multifunction devices are some of the best in the industry with their award-winning reliability, cost savings and eco-friendly features. ​


Our leading-edge ECOSYS technology delivers a long-life print drum that reduces ongoing consumable expenses and landfill waste over the life of your printers.


With a fast Help Desk and Remote Monitoring, our team can easily maintain optimal performance of your whole print network, provide assistance as needed and address any issues that may come up.


​Kyocera has experience delivering consistent and measurable results to organisations of all sizes, with reduced printing expenses, optimised workflows and more efficient systems resulting in less disposable waste.​​


Our tailored implementation

A managed print 'standard package' can feel about as good a fit as a middle-aisle economy seat on a long-haul flight. A fit-for-business solution can help you make the best of your current assets, give you the best return on your investment, and provide flexibility when your business demands it.
Stop squeezing yourself into a second-class service. Fly priority, with Kyocera.

  • 01

    Understanding where the customer is beginning their journey is essential, so we can:
    - Find opportunities for process improvement
    - Understand security and governance gaps to be plugged
    - Look for cost reduction potential

  • 02
    Where does the journey end?

    Where is the customer wanting to head? Print and document management does not exist in a vacuum. Understanding the digital vision for the customer helps us to formulate a solution that meets all of their needs.

  • 03
    Setting the flight path

    Your tailored managed print roadmap specifies hardware. software and scheduling that takes the guesswork out of change. We also identify any risks to improvements so you can notify your stakeholders.

  • 04
    Preparing for take-off

    Performing all of your checks before take-off is essential, which is why we test everything in a test environment before rolling it out in yours. We'll minimise disruptions so that the only change people notice is positive.

  • 05
    Bringing stakeholders on the journey

    We will provide training for any process changes, plus our helpdesk will assist and support the resolution of any teething problems with your managed service. We also provide clear instructions on how you can make the best of your managed service in the initial months.

  • 06
    When the journey is over…

    It has really only just begun. We continuously monitor your solution, checking in with you personally to see if it has met your needs, and using our innovative tech to help you monitor your own print and document environment as well.

Processes streamlined, efficiencies gained, problem solved.

If you’re looking for a vendor who will not only craft a managed print solution according to your needs, but also be there for the long haul, contact us today.

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