High-tech leadership, deep-seated values

We work honourably, respecting our people, clients, partners and our global community.

Top 100 global innovator

As a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech ceramics, electronic components, solar cells and office equipment, Kyocera Corporation has been recognised as one of the top 100 global innovators for four consecutive years*.

To us, the customer is always first

In everything we do, our pioneering spirit is focused on delivering products and services for the customer, through our 'Customer-First' principle. How we act is important to us and always has been. Our company motto "Respect the Divine and Love People" guides us to work fairly and honourably, respecting people, our work, our company and our global community.

* Kyocera Corporation awarded Top 100 Global Innovators in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017.​​​

Our Corporate Motto: "Respect the Divine and Love People"

Thinking green, acting green​

We're using our collective strengths, passion to be green and deep-seated values to be environmental pioneers. Proof of that is how our hardware and software solutions make it possible for customers to digitise their workflow processes by optimising printing and contributing to a more eco-friendly atmosphere in the office. At Kyocera, we are firmly committed to fostering a green mentality and attitude toward the environment.​​

Talk to us, we’re human

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