Kyocera Intelligent Automation Platform

Enhance People and Business Processes

Business Process Automation enables organisations of all sizes to increase productivity while reducing costs, along with increasing profits and improving employee morale. By streamlining processes, adopting new sophisticated tec​hnology solutions and automating human repetitive tasks, workers can focus on improving customer service and regain the time and freedom to focus on other growth opportunities.​


What is the Kyocera Intelligent Automation Platform?​

  • It's a dynamic and intelligent platform that automates business processes across all verticals.

  • Can be utilised across all organisation sizes from small businesses through to large corporations.

  • The platform solution is a subscription model which can be implemented into your organisation within a matter of weeks. As the automation process is carried out online there is also no need for expensive onsite hardware.

  • We understand that every organisation is different so our solution process methodology will align smart technology to your business processes.

  • It's the conduit between your department applications, whether that's your CRM, HR systems or ERP and Accounting software, regardless of size. The Kyocera Intelligent Automation Platform is not a repla​cement for these systems. Instead, it facilitates the flow of information from one to the other automatically while securely ensuring accurate and timely data. ​

Some common use cases for automation include:

An automation platform provides organisations with the flexibility to transform and thrive.

  • 01
    Repetitive human tasks, such as data entry or administrative tasks

  • 02
    Content distribution and management

  • 03
    Certain types of decision-making

  • 04
    Business workflows

  • 05
    Accounting or financial functions such as Accounts Payable & Statement Reconciliation

  • 06
    Employee onboarding/offboarding

Platform automation: Achieve efficiency on another level

A Business Process Automation platform provides organisations with the flexibility to transform and thrive.

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