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With many businesses now implementing long-term hybrid work environments, the need to digitise and improve workflow efficiencies should be top priority.

Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM) supports digitisation and workflow optimisation to improve flexibility and performance by giving businesses full control over their documents. The powerful SaaS platform facilitates the storage and management of all your​ digital documents in a secure online archive.

How can Kyocera Cloud Information Manager help your business?​​


Cloud ba​sed access to your business documents

The KCIM platform enables quick and secure access to your business documents through a web browser allowing users to access files wherever they are.

Ensure your documents are secure with Enhanced Security

​​The KCIM platform stores documents in an encrypted server, only granting access to users with the right credentials.

Easily Store and Find your Business Documents​

​​​​​​​​​​​The KCIM platform “one click indexing” feature simplifies the labelling of documents and highlighting of keywords. This ensures all documents are easily found in the future.​​​

Print and Scan Anytime Anywhere​

With Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, you can smoothly perform the same print and scan tasks​ anytime, anywhere.

​Provide access to documents to users based on requirements

KCIM provides a highly secure document management platform that allows administrators to manage access by document or user category.


Making your Hybrid Workspace Smarter

The KCIM platform supports various types of digital documents. Thanks to the intuitive and easy to use functions of the web browser interface, the uploading and finding of documents is fast, secure and simple process.​



Streamline business process by using KCIM’s workflow feature to create and assign tasks to a single or list of users.


Multi-tenant software

Reduce your operational costs using the multi-tenant software hosted in the cloud with Google Cloud Platform (GCP).


Unlimited User Access

Reduce your operational costs with unlimited user access.


Digital Signatures

Expedite the document approval processes with KCIM’s integration with DocuSign.


Various upload options

Send documents to the platform from the web browser, scan from your MFP device or even upload from the Mobile Application.


Data Extraction

Have thousands of documents at your fingertips that can be accessed in double quick time to increase productivity and efficiency.


Controlled Document Access

Grant access to specific documents (e.g. Personal, ​Financial or Contracts) per user or per department.


Platform Security

Upload and store documents securely while ensuring that only authorised users have access to the information.


Data Validation

Allow authorised users to validate the quality of data entered into the platform.


Document & Data Search

Quickly find the latest version of your documents archived on the platform.


Customer portal

KCIM is accessible on multiple Supported Browsers: Edge 92 or later, Chrome 70 or later, Safari 14 or later.​​


Mobile Accessibility

Users can access KCIM using an app that is available on iOS v14 or later and Android v6 or later.


Simple Keyword Tagging

Easily organise and label documents with keyword tagging.


Retention Management

Setup document retention policies with KCIM’s Retention Management.



See for yourself how Kyocera Cloud Information Manager gives you full control over your documents

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