Understand the new era of cyber security facing a decentralised workforce

See our webinar and hear experts discuss the changing threat surface and benefits of a holistic security approach

About This Webinar

The rapid transformation from a centralised to a decentralised workforce has made businesses more vulnerable to cyber threats. Businesses now need to consider the benefits of a holistic approach that allows them to identify the gaps and opportunities to reduce their threat surface.​

Kyocera, with Huon IT, is building resilience through strengthening our security services capability that aims to provide customers with a risk-free hybrid office environment.​


  • A look at how today’s WFA (work from anywhere) culture and increased staff turnover is creating potential security weaknesses

  • How rapid digital transformation, the movement to hybrid work and increased use of cloud platforms has changed a business’s security vulnerabilities​

  • Building a proactive and holistic approach to security to enable growth and innovation

  • Understand the full landscape of cyber threats and how a holistic approach can reduce risk

  • Tools to identify cyber threats​, gaps and opportunities before they take hold​


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