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Kyocera would like to introduce our new native cloud print management tool built on our cloud platform technology that allows you to optimise your company's print environment. Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan increases the fl​exibility and features of your print environment and removes the costs of on-site servers by managing your printing and scanning​ in the Cloud.

How can Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan help your business?​

The way we work is rapidly changing and workplaces are becoming more diverse.

With employees working in offices, satellite offices and at home, the norm for printing must change.​


Easy Print Cost Management

With Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, you can manage cost of printed documents from MFPs at different office sites in the cloud and limit the number if necessary.

Works with existing cloud solutions

​​With Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, you can print from the cloud storage you are already using or scan and send a document to it directly.

Security Management​

​​​​​​​​​​​With Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, these risks are minimis​ed because print jobs are​ never sent​ on cloud and printing tasks are not performed until the device is authenticated by the user.​​​

Print and Scan Anytime Anywhere​

With Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan, you can smoothly perform the same print and scan tasks​ anytime, anywhere.

​Low-cost, easy implementation with no management required

Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan is a cloud-based printing and scanning solution that can be implemented from the day of contract. No server administration is required.​​

Features & Benefits

Here's how Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan works its magic:​


Software as a Service solution

Reduce your operational costs using the SaaS print management and scanning mode hosted in the cloud.


Multiple scan options

Scan documents to user's email and to Kyocera Cloud Print and Scan server in the cloud.



Job release only after user authentication with ID card or username and password.


3rd party Cloud storage integration

Print from or scan to connected 3rd party cloud storage: Box, Google Drive and OneDrive.​


Print Quota

Assign and manage print quotas to the company users in order to reduce your total print cost.


Print policies

Assign group print policies to the company users in order to improve their print behaviour and optimise print cost management.


Actionable Reporting

Variety of reports helping you to take the right decision in managing your business.


Local spooling

The job can be released from any Kyocera HyPAS device within the customer network.


Copy Function

The users can benefit from the copy function of the device, and this will still be counted within their print quota (the user stays within their print limit).


System Requirements

Client Operatin​g System: Windows 8 or later, MacOS 10.13 or later, Browser support: Google Chrome.


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Kyocera Cloud Print & Scan Lite

Kyocera Cloud Print & Scan Lite (KCPS Lite) is a new embedded solution that gives you all the features and benefits of the full version, without the need for user authentication before every print and scan.

Once installed on your native device, KCPS Lite will appear on the home screen and can be accessed when you require secure printing or scanning. For more information, download the brochure at the bottom of the page.

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