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A Business Process Automation platform provides organisations with the flexibility to transform and thrive

Modern demands means that many organisations are now faced with the situation of going digital and embrace automation or get left behind. This dilemma has seen many turn to Business Process Automation technology to facilitate processes across various job roles, departments or organisations as a whole. From automating sales orders, improving accounts payable/receivable turn-around timings, HR on-boarding and off-boarding and warehouse automation, organisations have been able to find a competitive advan tage and build efficiencies with Business Process Automation.

However, not all automation solutions are fit for purpose. At Kyocera, we know that every organisation is different and have vastly different automation requirements. That is why instead of making an environment fit a rigid framework that could restrict efficiencies, Kyocera have developed the Kyocera Intelligent Automation Platform solution. This solution provides organisations of all sizes with a cloud-based platform that is tailored to your automation objectives.  ​


Why use a cloud-based intelligent​ automation platform?​

Intelligent Business Process Automation provides organisations of all sizes the ability to replace repetitive and manual human tasks with intelligent robotic software. These digital robots give organisations greater insight into the process of a task and ensure that they will be completed without interruption, faster and with total accuracy. This saves time and allows employees to focus on business critical activities.

By using a cloud-based automation platform like the Kyocera Intelligent Automation Platform, organisations gain the ability to easily tailor an automated process to a specific task or function.  This allows for greater flexibility and enables an organisation or department the ability to adapt as business requirements change.

Cloud-based automation platforms can also be used across multiple departments and roles, cities, or even countries within an organisation. It also gives the freedom to carry out processes anytime, anywhere and not have to rely on expensive, in-house servers to run the automation.​

What process or workflow can be automated?

One of the key benefits of our platform-based automation is that any process can be automated. Business intelligence robotic technologies like Kyocera Intelligent Automation Platform, can be tailored to your criteria and means that the automated process conforms to the way you do business, not you conforming to the way of the technology.

This gives organisations the freedom to choose which processes they want to automate. It could be automating a whole department where low cost, high volume tasks are taking over. It can also minimise labour intensive tasks and ensure data accuracy and increase security. Automation can even be tailored for high-cost individuals whose time and focus is being taken away by low importance tasks. An intelligent cloud-based aut​omation platform ensures flexibility and can direct resources to areas of value.

The process of creating these tailored solutions is also quicker than you might think. After a detailed scoping period to ensure that all criteria can be met and the solution is well planned, delivery of a fictional automation process can be as little as 8 weeks – that is the beauty of a dynamic cloud-based platform.  ​​

How automation can build efficiencies​

Increasing the efficiency of your business is one way to reduce expenses and improve your bottom line. This can be achieved by taking less time to complete and process tasks or introducing a means to be able to do more within the same timeframe. Automation also has the power to reduce workplace stress as tasks will be done without human interaction. It also increases data accuracy and enables information to flow between different systems. This more efficient and instant flow of information results in a seamless end to end process that can be tracked, measured and viewed by internal stakeholders.

Traditional invoice process workflow​

Traditional invoice workflows can involve a number of human touches across all levels of seniority. These tasks require data entry, invoice processing, approvals across multiple levels and final payments. This process can be complex, incur data errors, involve various back and forth communication and delays when people are not in the office. The risk of fraudulent invoices being submitted for payment can also be an issues as there are no controls in place to monitor​ and flag outlying invoices. The process is also very labour intensive with some payment cycles taking weeks to complete. 


​Automated invoice process workflow​​​

With an automated workflow, invoices enter into a workflow and key information is gathered and populated into required fields without error or delays. The details are then processed and all invoices that meet predetermined criteria are pushed on for payment. Outlying invoices that do not match the criteria are delivered to an employee for review – this only occurs based on business rules and actions that might require additional attention. You can see that the level of human interaction is greatly decreased which leads to greater data accuracy and much shorter processing times.​

Unlock your full potential with automation​

Automation has the ability to move data in and out of systems seamlessly without the need for human intervention. With solutions like the Kyocera Intelligent Automation Platform, the platform utilises world leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) Machine learning technology to identify, extract, process and post information into any system or location. This powerful platform engine can build business efficiencies no matter how complex the process, without the need for software licencing or expensive server infrastructure.

The Kyocera Intelligent Automation platform is a fully managed ecosystem providing business critical support ensuring peace of mind. ​​​​​

An automation platform provides organisations with the flexibility to transform and thrive.

Some common use cases for automation include:

  • 01
    Accounts Payable

    Intelligent Invoice Capture and Approvals, Expense Claims, Intelligent Statement Reconciliation

  • 02
    Accounts Receivable

    Multi Channel Invoice Delivery & Reporting

  • 03

    Intelligent Purchase Order Creation and Approval Workflows, Intelligent Supplier Contract Management & Communications

  • 04
    Human Resources

    Employee Onboarding, Time Sheets, Employee Records Digitisation

  • 05
    Customer Order Processing

    Intelligent Customer Order Processing, Customer Portals, Mobile Ordering, Warranty Claims Management, Customer Communications & Intelligent Reporting

  • 06

    Intelligent Forms, Content Management, Intranet Development, Analytics & Reporting, Document Digitisation

  • 07

    Intelligent Proof of Delivery, Goods Receipts & Paper Elimination

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