Resolution to MS Windows 10 Blue Screen error

After Windows Update, there is a problem that "When printing, a blue screen error is displayed and a forced restart is necessary therefore printing is not possible"

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our customers for their ongoing support of our products.

We are aware that some customers who have Microsoft Windows 10 and have applied the recent patch dated March 9, 2021 are experiencing difficulty printing on their print devices as a blue error screen is displayed. Click here.​

Microsoft has released a patch to resolve this issue dated March 15, 2021, please update the hotfix to prevent the above issue from occurring. Click here.

This update can be installed from the following ways

If you are unable to locate the Windows Update patch automatically then it can be manually updated via Update Catalog website. Please confirm your Operating System version before downloading the appropriate file or contact your I.T. or System Administrator for further assistance.

For Windows 10 2004-20H2 click here.

For Windows 10 1909 click here.

This advice is specifically only in relation to rectifying the issue of the blue error screen and the difficulty in printing on your print device. Kyocera takes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage associated with the application of, install, delay of, or the removal of Windows 10 KB5000802/KB5000808/KB5001566/KB5001567 update.

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