We offer a recycling program that is easy and environmentally-accredited.

All Kyocera devices are designed with the environment in mind. We aim to minimise the impact of our products on the planet by reducing the quantity of raw materials contained within them. Kyocera's approach to printer design and engineering reduces the number of components in the toner cassette system by more than 85% on average, consequently reducing the manufacturing and recycling impact of the device.

We offer a recycling program that is easy and environmentally-accredited to recycle used printer toners which are made up of a complex mix of plastics, metal, inks and toners they represent a significant investment in resources. When they are disposed of into landfill these resources are lost.

Cartridge recycling

In Australia that's why we partner with Planet Ark joined with Close the Loop® that have Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program. This program collects and returns cartridges for remanufacturing and recycling - therefore keeping them out of landfill.

Planet Ark have made it easy with a workplace collection boxes and over 3,500 public drop off locations around the country. Find out more and register for a workplace collection go to the Planet Ark website.

Reducing landfill e-waste

Kyocera Document Solutions provides Australian based customers with a certified environmental recycling program making it easy for anyone to recycle and reduce their e-waste. Through Ecycle Solutions, we are able to offer a collection and recycling service to Kyocera customers in Metro areas. Through this service, we are able to redirect more than 90% of e-waste material away from landfill.

For New Zealand customers we offer Kyocera Collect which is Kyocera New Zealand's take back programme which aims to reduce e-waste heading to landfill. Please be in touch with our NZ office 0800 459 623 or (09) 415 4517.

By participating in these recycling and environmental initiatives you contribute to reducing waste and energy consumption for a better environment and a better world. The service follows Kyocera's philosophy of always considering our impact on the environment.​