KYOCERA Command Center RX (CCRX) Security Vulnerability

​We are writing to inform you that a security vulnerability has been confirmed in KYOCERA Command Center RX (hereinafter referred to as "CCRX"), which allows users to check and change various settings of multifunction devices provided by Kyocera Document Solutions over the network. The following is an overview of the issue and how to resolve it. As of the date of publication of this notice, we have not confirmed any attacks that take advantage of this vulnerability.

Vulnerability description

1. Path Traversal

CCRX has a Path Traversal vulnerability. Path Traversal is an attack on web applications. By manipulating the value of the file path, an attacker can gain access to the file system, including source code and critical system settings.

Vulnerability number: CVE-2023-34259

2. Denial of Service (DoS)

There is a vulnerability that makes CCRX unusable by a DoS attack. By manipulating the value of the file path, CCRX may become unresponsive.

Vulnerability number: CVE-2023-34260

3. User Enumeration

By trying to login many times, an attacker can grasp if there is a login user name in data base for device at CCRX login. 

Vulnerability number: CVE-2023-34261


As a countermeasure, we provide firmware that fixed Vulnerability issues. Please contact your local distributor to apply the firmware. As for “3. User Enumeration”, Kyocera Document Solutions recognizes that security risk is low level.


Kyocera Document Solutions would like to thank Mr. Stefan Michlits of SEC Consult, an Austrian security consulting services company, who discovered this vulnerability.

Products affected by this vulnerability

For more information on how this vulnerability affects products, please contact your local distributor where you purchased the product.​