We are here to help

We have been supporting Australian and New Zealand business for over 30 years and will continue to be here for you during these challenging times and now more than ever we are dedicated to support your business and the economy through this difficult period.

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus our dedicated team have been leading the way and working with industry partners to assist a seamless transformation to digital technology that enable our customers to work remotely. Achieving mobility of business operations is increasingly in high demand, yet it is not always clear what is required. Our focus is to help you during this period to ensure business continuity with security as our priority.   

When working remote it could prove difficult if you don't have the right solutions and tools in place. It's now that we need to learn how to work remotely by using all the technology available to apply smart working. Solutions that form part of a digital transformation plan can provide an answer to make working together easy and more collaborative.

Here are 4 ways Kyocera has been helping organisations during this time:

1. IT Resiliency - Ensure your business has a contingency plan for when any kind of IT downtime occurs; from failed hardware or user error. Our disaster recovery and backup services utilise cloud technology to ensure your business and data are safe.
2. Implementing collaboration tools – Creating shared work spaces such as content Enterprise Content Management and Document Management Systems by securely centralising data and documents.
3. Security of digital documents - ensure your sensitive information is stored and made accessible with utmost regard to security best practice.
4. Connectivity - ensure all businesses have full network redundancy to ensure remote staff connectivity at all times through review of networks.

If you need help during these times our dedicated team is here to help.

Get in touch by calling us on Australia: 13 59 62 or New Zealand: 0800 459 623

Our Community

We all have a role to play not just in business but in our community. We can help you with business challenges but together we can help with reducing the spread of the Coronavirus. If we continue to work together and look after each other, we will get through this stronger than ever.

As our founder Kazuo Inamori says, we "always do the right thing as a human being". Sensible decisions save lives. Protect your loved ones by avoiding unnecessary travel. Stay home and stay safe.​​