Rainforest Rescue

Community Planting Day

Kyocera Document Solutions is proud to support Rainforest Rescue in the vital regeneration of the lower Daintree area with various activities.

Just recently, nearly 1000 new seedlings were planted on prime Buff breasted paradise kingfisher habitat at the Community Planting Day, where Rainforest Rescue are working with Nightwings to regenerate stripped sugar cane land south of the Daintree River.

Lot 46 where Kyocera's seedlings were planted last year is truly remarkable as they are only a year old but the seedlings are taller than a person's height already. Joe, Rainforest Rescues Daintree Manager's comments on seeing the aerial shots of Lot 46 were: 'Just brilliant! So lush and green thanks to the seedling growth.'

The Nursery, where the seedlings are grown that end up being planted, has volunteers that help to pot seedlings, water, ID code and collect the seeds. The team potted 1,340 seedlings in half a day and in 3 months they've potted 5,000 seedlings!

Kyocera Document Solutions Australia are delighted that they are able to help with the environment through the rainforest regeneration.

Click here for more information about Rainforest Rescue.​