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Download your Remote Working Guide!

In this guide, you’ll receive expert advice on:

  • Implementing a robust and effective work from home policy
  • Handling home cybersecurity 
  • Creating an ideal and safe workspace that will increase productivity
  • Supporting employee’s physical and mental health to keep them grounded
  • Improving remote communication to achieve business outcomes
  • Effectively managing projects remotely

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What are the critical challenges in
remote working?

New sources of cyber-risk
Potential security gaps have been multiplied by the number of employees working from home. Remote workers can be an unforeseen and uncontrolled vulnerability, especially when a very high percentage of the workforce is involved.
New platforms, new communication
In some cases we’re blind to each other’s stress and we can be annoying. With so many messages it can be easy for things to be missed or misunderstood. Contextualising and getting to the point are two ingredients of effective communication via chat or email.
Something as simple as locking a computer when taking a break will prevent strategic plans, personal databases or profit and loss statements from being seen by third parties living under the same roof, thus breaching important employee confidentiality agreements with the company, and the company with stakeholders.
Project and delivery management
There are many task management platforms, as well as methods to organize tasks in order to meet deadlines. In any case, organizing a production and delivery schedule, as well as encouraging proper time management, is the best way to maintain efficiency levels.
Home discipline and routines
Human Resources departments should make an effort to care for the health of employees, and this includes recommendations on how to disconnect from work. There is already a lot of research linking remote working to depression, loneliness and anxiety.
Excesses and defects
There are remote workers who won’t leave their seats until the job is done. There are others for who get easily distracted. There are solutions for everyone.

Stay connected web series

Almost overnight companies have had to mobilise their workforce and empower them to work remotely. Companies that are able to take this disruption and make it part of their working environments will emerge stronger and more responsive than ever before.

Stay Connected is our web series featuring key topics surrounding the movement to remote working. From the importance of a properly implemented ECM solution, to what role printing will have in a remote working environment. Listen to our latest podcast and webinars.

Get all the advantages of remote working

Increase confidence

Remote workers will feel the confidence that is placed in them to carry out their work without “Big Brother” watching them. This means that, in the absence of a fear-based culture, employees will be accountable to each other, not to management.
Increase loyalty

It increases employee happiness and loyalty to the company. Creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box thinking are not possible without people who are satisfied with their life and work.
Increase performance

Studies show that employee performance increases when working from home by 13%, breaks and sick leave are reduced, which translates into a reduction in turnover of 25% compared to companies who do not offer remote working, total productivity improvements of 20% and savings of thousands of dollars per employee can be made.
Be ready for what’s next

The advantage of being prepared for what is coming: new generations understand the possibility of remote working as a ‘must’. That’s why recent studies say that, since 83% of millennials confess to being ‘burned out’ from their current job, 73% of departments will have people working from home by 2028. The current system will be rethought and improved.

Discover the best tools for Remote Working now!

This sudden acceleration of remote working implementation means a giant leap forward in terms of digital transformation, but the process is now being introduced at a forced pace. Until recently it was going to be a gradual process, a privilege for a few or even an incentive to attract talent. Now organisations have had to put their foot down overnight, with a series of risks that have multiplied exponentially and will test all those business decisions on digitalization that have been taken, or postponed, in recent years.