KYOCERA Smart Information Manager

Find and Unlock the information locked in your Documents and Content.

​KYOCERA Smart Information Manager (KSIM) is a web-based information management system for digital document management. KSIM can also integrate diverse information sources into digital business processes to improve efficiency. In the system, paper documents, electronic content, scanned images, and supported types are captured, managed, processed, finalised and are easy to find.

Ways in which KYO​CERA Smart Information Manager (KSIM) can guide your digital document management.

  • ​Are you planning to move from paper-based workflows to digital document management? KYOCERA Smart Information Manager (KSIM) enables easy implementation and allows document information to be integrated into digital workflows.
  • Do you store your files in different locations, leading to a loss of documents? KYOCERA Smart Information Manager (KSIM) allows your staff to centrally manage digital documents, eliminating the impact caused by lost files.
  • Are you struggling with remote file accessibility? KYOCERA Smart Information Manager (KSIM) allows your remote staff to access the documentation anytime, and from different locations.
  • Not sure on how to conform to compliance and data protection requirements?  With KYOCERA Smart Information Manager (KSIM) you are able to manage users, access rights and store workflow history logs, ensuring information security.​​​​

What do you need in a document management system?

By reducing the need for manual document workflows and file searching, companies can direct their energy and resources to uncovering new avenues of growth.

Document Workflow

With our information management system, users can initiate document workflows for review and/or approve processes. You are able to record every action and add comments if necessary.

Predefine Workflows

With KYOCERA’s Smart Information Manager system you can import and export predefined workflows, allowing your staff to introduce digital workflows within the organisation promptly.

Document Collaboration

Your staff can easily share documents to different groups or users, regardless of where they are located.

The key to unleashing your company's potential

By reducing the need for manual document workflows and file searching, companies can direct their energy and resources to uncovering new avenues of growth. Streamlined processes enhance productivity and quality while eliminating manual errors.

  • 01
    Document Import

    Easily import the document on the web browser or MFP.

  • 02
    Document Capture

    Integration with Kyocera Capture Manager*, allows files to be captured, processed and stored.

  • 03
    Version control

    Records, replace and revert document versions

  • 04
    Document Search

    Easily search for document by full text search.

  • 05
    Improved security

    Securely archive documents under access control

  • 06
    Multiple file formats

    Handles variety formats such as PDF, docx, JPG and PNG

  • 07
    User management and access control

    Admins can manage access by users and groups.

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