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The new MA2000w, a full desktop experience that comes with up to 3,000 prints in every box.

Today’s professionals are s​eeking greater fl​exibility with regards to where and how they work and this is putting more pressure on the technology we use. Devices now need to keep up with modern business demands and be able to easily adapt to any personal or business workspaces, across a number of locations.​​


Introducing the Kyocera MA2000w​, a complete printing and scanning solution ​for modern, compact and remote workspaces. With print speeds of 20​ppm, this cost-effective, productive device a​dapts eas​ily to your w​ork environment, while delivering reliable printing. Moreover, the Kyocera MA2000w comes packaged​​ with two toners​ for more printing straight out of the box!  ​​​​​​

Very compact. Huge impact

A modern printer for any workspace!

From printing and scanning speeds, to paper capacity and memory, you´ll find all the details you need right here.

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