Data Security Kits

Secure device data, beyond default settings

Defend device security, enhance compliance

Protect a company’s confidential documents, information and assets with Kyocera’s Data Security Kits for select Multi-Functional Products (MFPs) and Printers. Data Security Kits enable encryption before data is stored on a hard disk.

  • 01

    Manual and automatic modes available without the need for user intervention.

  • 02
    Data security:

    Two overwrite methods available which can be switched at any time when a hard disk is installed.

  • 03

    Of the security password so that only the administrator can use the security kit.

  • 04

    Common Criteria ISO/IEC 15408 / IEEE 2600.1 and Evaluation Assurance Level 3 certified.

  • 05

    Easy to deploy remotely via solutions such as Kyocera Fleet Services or Device Manager.

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