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Dispose Less. Recycle More.

KYOCERA has always had a strong environmental focus across our product range. Our award-winning packaging is foam free and constructed from biodegradable cardboard and used vegetable-based inks which absolutely no impact whatsoever on the environment when recycled. KYOCERA’s long-life drum and ECOSYS technology reduce replacement parts over the life of your device meaning more printed pages and less waste.

Kyocera's Recycling Programs

Kyocera provides a certified environmental recycling program making it easy for anyone to recycle and reduce their e-waste. Through SIMS Recycling Solutions, we are now able to offer a collection and recycling service to KYOCERA customers in Metro areas. This service can recover over 98% of e-waste material keeping it out of landfills.

You can also recycle your used cartridges through our partnership with Planet Ark. Under this program, cartridges are collected and returned for remanufacturing and recycling leading to a zero waste-to-landfill guarantee.

For more information on our recycling programs and how you can utilise them to reduce your e-waste click the links below.

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