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Eco-Friendly Printing & Recycling

Kyocera is an environmentally concerned global organisation who rigorously follows the principles of the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle.

The importance of having respect for, and conserving, our environment has been etched in Kyocera’s ethos from inception. Our worldwide green policies encourage conservation and recycling, along with the development of eco friendly printing products and technologies that can actually minimise the impact on the environment.

Our use of eco-friendly materials extends to our packaging, which is foam free, and is constructed from biodegradable cardboard. The inks are produced from vegetable and soy dyes and have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the environment, when recycled.

Look out for our corrugated recycles symbol used on our packaging

Corrugated Recycles symbol.png

More information on Kyocera's initiatives can be found on the links below:

Consumables Recycling:

Machine Recycling

Product Initiatives

As well as a solid commitment to recycling, Kyocera has taken steps to reduce hazardous substances in the manufacture of our products such as the use of lead free solder and polylactic acid in our consumables. For more information on Kyocera’s approach to reducing hazardous substances click here.

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