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Why Kyocera for your printer

Simply put, the brand of printer you choose, does make a difference.

Not all printer and multifunction devices are created equal.

While we’re a Japanese multinational steeped in tradition, at Kyocera, we do things a little differently.

We design our products with the end in mind to ensure they’re environmentally responsible, they’re durable and they cost you significantly less over their lifetime.

The unique long-life drum technology at the heart of our printers and multifunctions delivers the difference.

  • Less maintenance, and increased reliability
  • Reduced running costs – by up to 40%*
  • Significantly reduced e-Waste – by up to 80%*

Sound too good to be true?
Check out the savings for yourself. Visit

*Savings vary based on make and model of your current and preferred Kyocera printers. ​