Whistleblower Report

KYOCERA is committed to fostering a culture of ethical behaviour and corporate governance. Kyocera will not tolerate any corrupt, unlawful, unethical and/or improper conduct by Kyocera Personnel nor will Kyocera condone any act of victimisation or act in detriment against individual who intends to report or who has reported on such conduct.

Recent amendments to the Australian legislation has introduced numerous protections for whistleblowers and imposed obligations on businesses.

KYOCERA complies with all of these recent legislative changes. KYOCERA has implemented a Whistleblower Protection Policy which details the scope, protections available and process by which Reports can be made to KYOCERA. A person who is a KYOCERA eligible whistleblower and makes a disclosure in accordance with KYOCERA's Whistleblowing Protection Policy will be entitled to all protection under the legislations.

KYOCERA has implemented a Modern Slavery Prevention Policy which details the procedures KYOCERA is taking to minimise its modern slavery risks. Under the Policy, all employees are responsible for reporting modern slavery risks. These risks may be reported via a Whistleblower Report.

To make a Whistleblower Report please answer the answering the following questions. Please note that unless you choose to provide your email address, this Report will remain anonymous. You can also make a Report by other means. For details, please refer to the Kyocera Whistleblower Protection Policy:

1. You have read the Kyocera Whistleblower Protection Policy. You acknowledge your rights to protection and responsibility under this Policy and relevant law.
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2. You are or have been a director, employee, contractor, dealer, distributor, agent, supplier of Kyocera; or you are their respective relatives, dependents or spouse
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3. You honestly, genuinely and reasonably believe that Reportable Conduct as set out in Kyocera's Whistleblower Protection Policy has occurred.
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4. The Reportable Conduct is:
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5. Please set out in full details and a description of the Reportable Conduct including: places, dates, times, person involved (both those involved and witnesses), what is the Reportable Conduct, what has been done to stop the Reportable Conduct, whether the Reportable Conduct is still continuing, what the estimated negative impact of the Reportable Conduct will be in your opinion. Records must be accurate and factual.
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6. If you wish to have the outcome of the Report sent to you, please provide your contact email address below. Please be advised that your contact details will be protected in accordance with Kyocera's Whistleblower Protection Policy, however, your report is no longer anonymous.
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7. You wish to send your Report to:
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