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Kyocera's IT Managed Services, Cyber Security, and Business Optimisation tools can help you find the right strategy that allows you to achieve business success.

Huon IT, A Kyocera Group Company that provides managed services to our customers, has played a vital role in Australian and New Zealand companies for over 30 years.

Our collective team of IT and solution experts combine technology with business operations to allow the tranfer of important business data, empower staff though the benifits of mobility and cloud services, and builds efficiency to ensure all technology initiatives are aligned with broader business goals. Partner with Kyocera and Huon IT to aligh your business with the right technology to drive change.​

Business Optimisation

Cloud Solutions

The decision to determine whether to run your IT operations in a private or public cloud-based server is an individual. Our managed services experts can help you select, manage and support the right solution:

  • Microsoft Cloud
    Design, migrate, manage and support Microsoft cloud services, including Office 365 and Azure.
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud
    Design, migration, management and support of either on-premise or co-located data centres.

Connectivity & Collaboration

To ensure your business remains connected at all times, Kyocera offers a range of network links and telephony services:

  • Network Links
    Partnering with a leading range of network providers, Kyocera can assess your connectivity requirements for suitable link selection, provide ongoing support and assist with essential schedule improvements to your network.
  • Telephony & Digital Collaboration
    Kyocera offers a variety of VoIP resources, video conferencing and collaboration platforms to ensure your staff are connected and empowered. We only partner with managed service providers who offer our clients value, stability and performance.

Software Development: Business Intelligence & Workflows

Kyocera’s software service combines deep business analysis with development expertise to help clients optimise business processes and streamline IT systems. From application integration, custom development, workflows optimisation, automation and business intelligence, these services aim to drive business productivity, leverage application investment, ensure efficient operations and improve company performance.

  • Business Intelligence
    Cloud-based business intelligence service provides visibility and insights into data across disparate systems through visual dashboards and live reports to help managers make real-time business decisions.
  • Document Management & Workflows
    Customised to business goals and system requirements, Kyocera’s software experts develop strategies and implement solutions to ensure data accuracy between systems, minimises manual data entry, automate workflows and streamline processes for overall business optimisation and productivity.

IT Managed Services

Strategic Advisory Services

The alignment of company objectives and IT initiatives is critical for business success. Whether you require advice on system selection, IT resourcing, or your organisation will journey to a cloud-based solution, Kyocera’s strategic advisory services combine a mix of business acumen and technical expertise to support your goals:

  • IT Health Check
    IT Audit, which reports on strengths and weaknesses and recommends strategic improvement opportunities.
  • CIO as a Service
    IT strategy and road mapping, budgeting & planning, vendor management, IT project programs, policy improvement and risk management.

IT Project Delivery & Management

Kyocera offers end-to-end project services to ensure any IT project or major system change is a success, from initial solution design to implementation and project management services. All IT project solutions are focused on your business goals, best practice methodology, and careful planning to avoid business disruption:

  • System Design & Implementation
    Expert system architects provide requirements gathering, solution design, validation and implementation services across a broad range of IT projects, including data centre migrations, infrastructure upgrades and more.
  • Project Management
    Experienced Project Managers use best practice methodologies to coordinate all third parties, provide ongoing reporting and ensure IT project milestones are met on time & budget.

Managed IT Services, Support & System Management

A full-service managed IT service including proactive monitoring, helpdesk support, system management and maintenance. Whether you have an in-house team requiring escalation support or outsource all of your IT needs, Kyocera’s managed service offers a range of shape-to-fit managed services:

  • Fixed Price IT Support & Management
    IT helpdesk support, 24x7 systems monitoring, and IT management, including maintenance, patching and monthly reporting. Service is available via phone, email or onsite on a predictable, monthly fixed price basis.
  • Flexible Resourcing
    IT experts are available on a block hour or retainer basis to assist during peak workloads, in-house staff leave, or special IT projects.


Cybersecurity & Network Services

As the threat of cybercrime to businesses continues to increase globally, Kyocera offers a broad range of security and network solutions to address these risks. From audits and tactical planning to network strengthening and user education, Kyocera is focused on helping our clients protect their businesses.

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Programs & Audits
    Extensive range of cybersecurity advisory services to analyse risk profiles via cybersecurity audits, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments, and executive advisory programs to steer ongoing plans to mature cyber posture, reduce risk and respond to emerging threats.
  • Network Support, Management & Monitoring
    Specialist network engineers design, manage and support all layers of networking and infrastructure to ensure your data remains secure. In addition, the Cyber Patrol monitoring service by the Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers 24x7 threat detection.
  • Defensive Systems
    Broad portfolio of best-of-breed defensive security systems, including infrastructure such as firewalls and cloud and software solutions, including antivirus and mail filtering services.
  • Cyber Awareness End User Training
    Even with forward-thinking strategies & secure systems in place, staff behaviour can be a business’ most significant risk. Kyocera’s end-user training service educates staff on identifying and handling cyber scams through safe phishing and online training modules.

IT Resiliency

Ensure your business has a contingency plan for IT downtime, from failed hardware or user error, to burst pipes or a natural disaster. for example, Kyocera’s disaster recovery and backup services utilise cloud technology to ensure your business and data are safe:

  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
    A range of shape-to-fit options to ensure your IT systems are available in the event of a disaster, utilising either Kyocera’s bespoke DR infrastructure or Microsoft’s public cloud.
  • Backup as a Service
    Secure data backup to the cloud to prevent data loss, ensure retention compliance and reduce IT administration requirements.

​Huon IT is now a Kyocera Group Company and brings 30 years of IT knowledge and experience. This partnership means that together we now offer a greater range of managed and business improvement services to our clients. To see the full range of Huon IT's offerings please visit their website. ​ ​​​

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