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When printing from your printer’s internal tray, the weight of paper you can use is 60 to 90 gsm.

Using a straight-through paper path (i.e. from the manual or by pass feed and out the back of the printer) the maximum weight is increased to:

135 gsm for FS-400, FS-1500, FS-1550/+, FS-1600/+, FS-3400/+, FS-3600/+, FS-6500

163 gsm for FS-600, FS-680, FS-800, FS-1000

200 gsm for FS-1200, FS-1750, FS-1800, FS-3750, FS-3800, FS-7000/+, FS-9000

The FS-1700/+, FS-3700/+, FS-1750 and FS-3750 can have a replacement internal cassette to support heavier weight A4 paper (90-135gsm).

Using a duplex unit on a model requires paper to be within the weights shown in the table below – using lighter or heavier paper could result in serious jams.

Duplex Unit Model Paper Weight (gsm)
DU-1 70-90
DU-20 70-90
DU-21 70-90
DU-25 70-90
DU-30 60-90
DU-31 60-90
Weight (measuered in grams per square metre)