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Change the parallel port interface setting on the ECOSYS printer to ‘Normal’.

How to do this

Setting via the Front Panel (Excluding the FS-600, FS-680, FS-1000(+), FS-1010, and FS-1020D)

Press MODE SELECT button on the front panel of the printer.
Press the +or - keys until 'Interface Parallel' is displayed.
Press the FORM FREE key to select the sub-menu, the display should now show 'Parallel I/F Auto'.
Press the ENTER button and a '?' will be displayed by 'Auto'
Press the + to change the setting to 'Normal' and the ENTER key to save the change.
Press MODE SELECT to exit the settings menu

or by sending a command via the MS-DOS prompt (using Prescribe) by typing:


The print job sent via parallel but does not print out using older (486 or below) PC’s, compatibles and switchboxes (automatic and manual).