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KM-NET for Accounting is a convenient, timesaving network tool that enables administrators to configure the management function on KM devices from their PC. Deletion/addition of departments and the changing of settings can be performed over the network without having to visit the device. 

KM-NET for Accounting collects meter count data from the management function of each device across the network. This data can be easily analyzed so that the administrator is able to fully understand the usage environment. By using the information gathered by KM-NET for Accounting, organizations can:

  • Raise awareness of copy and print costs:
    The print and copy volumes generated by each department can be clearly identified. This information can be used to raise awareness among users about the costs that they are generating.
  • Optimize distribution of devices:
    By analyzing the data on the Excel sheets generated by KM-NET for Accounting, administrators can determine which departments create the most copy/print volumes; what page size is most common where; and where color output is most prevalent. Using this information, the optimum distribution of devices can be determined to maximize efficiency and productivity.
What is KM-Net for Accounting?