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Kyocera Corporation has changed their font manufacturer from Bitstream to Agfa and this means the fonts may have changed slightly, although most users will not notice the difference. Also as part of this change the Agfa fonts are now all scalable and not bitmap.


When using the fonts from PRESCRIBE and PCL, the font numbers and Bitstream names will work the same as previously, as long as the fonts have been selected correctly. This is done transparently by a font translation table in the printer to convert the Bitstream name to the Agfa name. If the font selection is unclear the printer will attempt to select the closest match. As all fonts are now scalable this may produce very different results from previous printer models. To ensure the font is close to the original Bitstream version, please ensure the printer has the latest firmware.

FS-1000, FS-1800, FS-3800 from first production.

FS-1200 :  54.04 system firmware or above.

FS-1750, FS-3750 :  56.13 system firmware or above.

Fonts available on other models are not available on the FS-1000, FS-1200, FS-1750, FS-1800, FS-3750 and FS-3800 printers