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The printer can print on envelopes using paper with a basis weight of 60 to 79 g/m2 (16 to 21 lb/ream). Envelopes must be manually fed.

An envelope is a more complex object than a single sheet of paper. For this reason, it may not be possible to obtain consistent print quality over the entire envelope surface.

Many envelopes have a diagonal grain orientation. This orientation is more likely to wrinkle and crease on its way through the printer. Before purchasing envelopes for use with the printer, test a sample to verify the envelope’s suitability.

Do not use envelopes that have an encapsulated liquid adhesive.

Avoid long printing runs consisting of envelopes only. Extensive envelope printing can cause premature printer wear.

To avoid jamming due to curled envelopes, do not leave more than approximately 10 printed envelopes stacked in the paper trays during multiple envelope printing.

Risk of damage when printing on Envelopes