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Kyocera is committed to provide our customers a broad range of cost effective and scalable imaging solutions that help any size business optimize corporate resources.

Today's diverse business environments rely on various platforms and applications with unique solutions. Kyocera offers the most comprehensive Product line in the industry, designed to meet the demands of any enterprise.
Kyocera's Compatibility Abstracts provide comprehensive information regarding our Printing and Multifunctional Devices across a variety of common business platforms and applications . Every abstract details Kyocera's Print driver compatibility and capabilities, as well as environment recommendations, if applicable.


The Citrix MetaFrame suite offers applications designed to secure, streamline and simplify resource deployment across the network. Citrix is utilized in a majority of Fortune 1000 Companies, with a focus on the Financial Service, Government, Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing and Telecommunications Vertical Markets. Kyocera is a Premier Business Alliance Partner of Citrix with our Multifunctional and Printer products, and we offer a choice of Print Drivers for the Citrix MetaFrame environment. 

Over the years, numerous Kyocera printers and MFDs have been verified for Citrix compatibility. During the tests only the drivers are being verified for Citrix compatibility, the hardware has a negligible influence on the results. Since our printer drivers typically share the same driver core for multiple hardware models, all printers and multifunction devices supported by a certain driver version can therefore be considered "CITRIX ready".

From KX Driver v7 onwards, please see below for what Citrix Application is supported.

·   Universal Print Server 7.6 LTSR
·   XenApp 7.8
·   Universal Print Server 7.8·   XenApp 7.9
·   Universal Print Server 7.9·   XenDesktop 7.0
·   XenApp 6.5 64-bit·   XenDesktop 7.1
·   XenApp 7.0·   XenDesktop 7.12
·   XenApp 7.1·   XenDesktop 7.5
·   XenApp 7.12·   XenDesktop 7.6
·   XenApp 7.5·   XenDesktop 7.6 LTSR
·   XenApp 7.6·   XenDesktop 7.7
·   XenApp 7.6 LTSR·   XenDesktop 7.8
·   XenApp 7.7·   XenDesktop 7.9

For more information about Citrix printing, please see links below: