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Stay Connected.

Kyocera has put together some helpful resources to Stay Connected to help you with the right tools to manage work no matter where you are located.

As workplace’s start to evolve to incorporate a blend of office and remote working environments, we will take you through some key solutions to support your digital transformation. We will also discuss the role the printer still has in the new office environment. Hosted by our panel of experts, we will showcase how to make remote working achievable, secure and efficient for companies.

Automate your invoice process with KESTO.

We'll be sharing insights and strategies on how South West Healthcare Victoria have been able to implement KESTO into their workflow allowing them to automate invoice entry and processing. You will hear from Liz Bramich, Regional Financial Systems Manager, on the efficiencies they have built into their workflow through less data entry and eliminate manual error.

In this 30 mins podcast you will learn more about:

  • Reduced time required for invoice processing
  • Cost savings with less data entry
  • No need to print electronic invoices
  • Eliminate manual error by verification of invoices

This is one example of the benefits that Kyocera can help businesses with automating their accounts payable invoice processing by implementing KESTO that extracts, captures and verifies data.

Listen to podcast:

Understanding ECM and why you need it in a remote working environment.

Live Webinar Wed, May 27, 2020 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM AEST

Do you want to understand the best way to handle paper and digital content? From creation to retention, the transformation to a digital environment will benefit all internal departments when implemented correctly. With most people working remote, it is likely that their preference for digital collaboration will continue when they return to the office. So we will give you the tips and guidance on how to choose the right solution.

Watch video:

What role does print have in this new world of working?

Now the evolving trends of what the modern office will be as we move into a time of a blend of office and remote working environments we discuss future of the print with Bill Christoforou, Product Marketing Manager. We will cover everything from the challenges and opportunities, what is the role of the printer and understanding the best ways to printing, scanning and sharing of documents easily, safely and efficiently.

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Discover the best tools for Remote Working now!

This sudden acceleration of remote working implementation means a giant leap forward in terms of digital transformation, but the process is now being introduced at a forced pace. Until recently it was going to be a gradual process, a privilege for a few or even an incentive to attract talent. Now organisations have had to put their foot down overnight, with a series of risks that have multiplied exponentially and will test all those business decisions on digitalization that have been taken, or postponed, in recent years.