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Improving Business Processes, one document at a time utilising one of the industry's best Enterprise Content Management Platforms. DocuWare improves operations at every level of an organisation.  


Ultra-Efficient Processes and Information Flow

DocuWare takes data from a wide variety of IT systems found throughout a company and stores it all in one central document pool, in a secure and legally compliant way. Every authorised employee can immediately access information, no matter the format. Integration in third-party applications and system configurations are extremely simple, as DocuWare is based on an open, SOA-compatible platform.

With DocuWare and its central document pool, you can access the documents you need – any time and from anywhere in the world. Even if you're on the road, you can access information – whether it is contained in an invoice, blueprint or e-mail. You can even edit archived documents and store new ones remotely. Documents are automatically indexed using criteria like customer number, name, address and shipment number. Within seconds, authorised colleagues from around the world can now access this data. There is no need to file duplicates or ship required documents. Regardless whether someone is working in Customer Service, Sales or Accounting – questions can be answered across all departments.

Efficient and transparent document workflow with DocuWare

Document workflow solutions from DocuWare improve a company's organisation as while work processes speed up; mistakes and multiple data entries are avoided. Employees in a process chain can use electronic workflows to access all the documents they need. Workflows are easy to set up using the document management program's stamp feature.

Speed Up Invoice Verification with DocuWare

DocuWare CONTENT-FOLDER and the stamp functions of this document management system let you effectively, quickly, and cost-efficiently drive the invoice verification process. With the CONTENT-FOLDER module, task lists are defined and assigned to individual employees. Using stamps, documents for the various processing and decision-making steps are automatically added to the task list of the next person in line. For example: After coming in to the mailroom, new invoices are added to the task list of the first accounting employee who routes each invoice to the appropriate department; by simply adding a stamp. The invoices then automatically appear in the task lists of each department supervisor. After checking an invoice, it is approved (or rejected) with a stamp which forces the process forward by deleting it from the supervisor's task list and placing it - automatically - in the task list of the next responsible person in the Accounting Department. The workflow process is easy to set up with the use of the stamps, they make each processing step automatic and easy to understand.



  • Central document pool for all departments – ensuring perfect information management
  • Seamless processes thanks to easy integration of DocuWare in other IT solutions
  • Quick search times, seamless and transparent business processes – motivates employees and increases productivity
  • Competent and fast customer service enhances competitive edge
  • Worldwide inter-departmental access to all documents with one click
  • Tamper-free archiving
  • Frees up storage space
  • Transparent Workflows without multiple data entries and mistakes
  • All data remains consistent and accessible from anywhere
  • Multi-location workflow processes with easy-to-use stamps
  • Simple administration without need for an extra administrator
  • Highly scalable