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ABBYY FlexiCapture


Take the data. Leave the paper.
Capture data from any documents including structured forms and surveys to unstructured text-heavy papers.


ABBYY FlexiCapture is a powerful data capture and document processing solution from world-leading technology vendor ABBYY. It is designed to transform streams of documents of any structure and complexity into business-ready data. Its award-winning recognition technologies, automatic document classification plus highly scalable and customizable architecture, means that it can help companies and organisations of any size to streamline their business processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

ABBYY's document identification and data capture technologies are packaged into a single comprehensive software solution. These technologies deliver unmatched accuracy in streamlining document-driven processes with a user-friendly interface, equipping the user with various tools that can be applied with flexibility. Examples of document processing tasks include:

  • Automated processing of different types of documents in a single stream
  • Data extraction from poor-quality fixed forms (e.g. faxes) or with significant distortions that cannot be compensated by traditional template-matching technologies
  • Recognition of documents with complex structures (with continuous tables or repeatable document sections) and multi-paged documents
  • Intelligent identification of document types and assembly of pages into documents
  • Intelligent classification enabling documents to be arranged according to user preferences
  • Highly accurate document classification based on auto-learning techniques

To guarantee easy and efficient adoption of its powerful technologies, ABBYY provides technical support and professional services.



  • Seamless accounts payable: Automatically capture information from invoices, validate purchase orders and deliver the electronic data to ERP system workflows to:
    • Accelerate invoice processing
    • Take advantage of early-payment discounts
    • Improve key vendor relationships with faster response times
  • Streamlined processing of insurance claims: Process paper-based claims and convert data to standard-compliant electronic formats to:
    • Increase the quality of data with precise data capture technology
    • Increase throughput without increasing staff
    • Maintain premium levels of service at the lowest cost 
  • Healthcare for the digital age: Ease the transition to EHRs; stream­line patient registration and account­ing with state-of-the-art document and data capture technology to:​​
    • Increase patient satisfaction wait times as well as the quality of service
    • Meet EHR adoption deadlines
    • ​Reduce days in AR 
  • Forms processing made easy: ​Automatically extract machine-printed and hand-printed data from completed surveys, tests, census papers, registration cards and other types of forms to:
    • Minimize time from form comple­tion to data delivery
    • ​Reduce spending on manual labour with ABBYY OCR/ICR technologies
    • Ensure the accuracy of data and analytic results