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What is ECM?

“Enterprise Content Management”, or “ECM," is a holistic approach to information management that realises sharing, utilisation, and management of all information across departments within an organisation. ECM solutions offer strategies, methods, technologies, and tools for centrally storing, managing, and sharing all content (paper documents, digital documents, images and audio files, etc.) in an organisation. 

Furthermore, ECM realises efficient integration and management of both unstructured information (e.g. paper documents) and structured information (e.g. data in the core system such as ERP) in an organisation. A company or organisation can expect effective results such as reduced costs, improved work efficiency, and enhanced security by implementing ECM. KYOCERA offers various solutions of ECM.

What can ECM do?
See examples of how ECM can solve challenges you are facing concerning information and content management.
Learn what DocuWare is about and how it works to solve challenges related to your document management and workflow.



Learn how people’s ways of managing documents have changed over the last 50 years.
Explore new approaches that will pave the way to the office of the future. 
Find out five recommendations for optimising information processes.


Explore why you need to build a secure and managed document environment in today’s digital era. 
See how ECM makes editing, searching for, and retrieving relevant documents easier and more secure. 
Find out why you need predefined workflow steps that ensure only designated colleagues to receive information. 
Discover six practical tips to help you achieve a paperless environment at work.