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Your guide to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions

Find out how it can benefit your business

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is playing a huge role in helping businesses handle the complexity of growing data.

ECM solutions enable your business to take full advantage of the data and knowledge embedded in its content. ECM captures, stores, analyses and automates business content, providing new value from data that was previously unavailable. When effectively managed across your business, content can be used to engage employees and customers, automate business processes and enhance collaboration and productivity.

The latest industry trends in ECM 

As technology shifts, changes and evolves, so must ECM. Here are some of the latest trends making an impact on ECM:

  1. On the go content. With 89% of Australians owning a smartphone, the way we work has changed forever. A cloud-based ECM where content is available from a range of devices is key to a successful implementation and uptake of the system within your business.
  2. Software as a service (SaaS). Many ECM customers want the benefits of ECM without building the infrastructure internally. SaaS (and Infrastructure as a service - IaaS) ECM offerings are therefore gaining traction as businesses can essentially 'plug and play'.
  3. Artificial Intelligence (AI). With expanding data volumes, it's looking like AI in ECM will likely become a necessity. AI is capable of handling data faster and more accurately than humans and is also able to learn from that data to provide better results over time.

When choosing an ECM solution make sure you look for a provider like KYOCERA who is keeping abreast of the latest trends and also ensure their solution is adaptable to the future needs of a digitally discerning business. 

ECM streamlines content and makes the most of it

ECM is a key tool your business can use to establish a more efficient and productive use of your company's content. By enhancing collaboration, ECM can assist in breaking down silos and making your business more agile and ready to capitalise on opportunities. An ECM solution will also allow greater visibility whilst simultaneously providing the ability to monitor and control access, enhancing data security. 

KYOCERA's ECM has been designed to make business-as-usual a smoother experience, with a focus on efficiency, productivity and less time spent on low-value work. 

What can an ECM do for you?


You can start by making the change in your department to drive business transformation. Take advantage of what ECM can offer in your department through to companywide.

How the solution is implemented 

With KYOCERA, your business has the option to host your data and content on your premises or in a private cloud. With either option the implementation process is similar but the timeline will vary.

If you'd like to have the system on-premise, but not on a standalone network, KYOCERA has an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) package available to bring the systems altogether. Note: any on-premise installation will take appreciable time. 

On the other hand, a cloud-based system is up and running within just minutes. There is also the added benefit of the network being maintained by the software vendor. 

Wondering which ECM system is right for you and your business? Book in for a no-obligation ECM demonstration with a member of the KYOCERA team.