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  KYOCERA Net Manager

   Monitor and gather usage data on all print, copy, scan and fax activity.



KYOCERA Net ​Manager is a server based application to manage device usage in an organisation, giving complete control over access to the device and its functions. With its extensive security features like Print&FollowTM and encryption, it makes sure that all confidential documents remain confidential and that the output environment is secured from information theft, hacker attacks and unauthorised access.

In addition, it is possible to define individual access rights per user or department, thereby limiting usage of colour or large formats to those who truly need them – an effective cost controlling tool.


Improved output security 

• Thanks to Print&FollowTM and secure transmissions, confidential information remains confidential 
• Security leaks are shut down: the organisation is secured against information theft, hacker attacks and unauthorised access 

Reduced document output costs 

• Minimised waste 
• Prevention of unauthorised use of office equipment e.g. restricting access to colour functions 
• Private printing option for shared devices means that devices with high TCO (e.g. personal printers) are no longer essential 

Improved staff productivity 

• No more lost printouts or waiting behind queues: documents are collected anytime from any device 
• High user friendliness: No skills or training required – Users just swipe a card at the device to release their documents