Where should security rank in a company’s digital transformation?

Why businesses making the transformation to digital should consider security as a priority.

Whilst there are many upsides to moving to the digital world, there is also a new world of potential threats that businesses need to navigate. Accepting this reality, and facing up to the challenge, is the way forward when making the transformation to digital. Especially as Gartner has predicted that 60% of businesses with a digital presence could be impacted by major service failures in the coming years as a result of their less than robust security infrastructure. Organisations wishing to avoid being amongst the 60% should ensure they make security a top priority.

How should you prepare for a data breach?

Cybercrime costs the world trillions of euros every year, and the problem looks set to get worse. The likelihood of falling victim to a cyberattack is greater than ever, so you should take steps now to prepare. The right security measures can help you boost your business' defences to reduce exposure and minimise damage.

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Security is an organisation’s top consideration.

Protecting information is a priority for any company. Acquiring the right security to do so is crucial.