KYOCERA Net Manager

Secure print management software for the modern business environment

What is Kyocera Net Manager?

Kyocera Net Manager is a server-based print management software that streamlines your organisation’s document management processes, enhances device and print data security, and provides complete visibility of your printing costs.

It includes security features such as job archiving, data encryption and Print&Follow™ to keep your documents confidential and your users accountable.

With its easy-to-use interface, Kyocera Net Manager offers a complete control centre, allowing you to monitor and manage print, copy, scan and fax usage across your organisation – for every user, department, device and location.

Secure and efficient printing​


Document Security

Log in with your ID card, PIN, or mobile device and “pull” your job from the server.



Every copier, scanner, and printer on your network becomes available to every user. No more queues!​



Web Interface for administrators to set up automatic alerts, installation, and configuration.


Data Security

All data that travels across your print network is encrypted from end-to-end.


Process automation

Go paperless with options such as scan-to-email, network folders, and cloud-based platforms.



Embedded terminals have easy-to-use functions personalised to your needs.


​ How it works

We designed Kyocera Net Manager to streamline the printing process and increase printer efficiency while maintaining complete security.

The system organises all user and device information within a central database. This database identifies authorised users, monitors print usage, and securely archives all information once jobs are complete. Every image or document – from printing to copying and scanning – is securely saved, and its accompanying information is logged to an individual user and job. This gives systems administrators complete visibility and allows documents to be put through a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution for confidentiality analysis.

Why invest in print management software?

Printers can pose a serious security risk if left unconfigured and unsecured. Without appropriate protection, they can leave your business vulnerable to data breaches, resulting in a loss of critical business information, disgruntled customers, damage to your brand’s reputation and even identity theft, lawsuits and regulatory complications.​​​

The financial risk is not small either – a data breach can cost businesses up to $3.35 million.​

There are various ways unsecured printers and multifunction devices (MFDs) place businesses at a high level of risk, such as:

  • Confidential company information left in printer trays 
  • Unauthorised access to printer and administration settings 
  • Poor visibility and control over users, access levels or print usage
  • Unprotected data sent or stored on network printers and devices

So how can Kyocera Net Manager help protect your business information, while also reducing your operating costs and
i​​mproving your printing processes and workflows?​​

Why choose Kyocera Net Manager?

Improve data security

Syncing with AD or LDAP
Net Manager synchronises all users with Active Directory (AD) or any other LDAP, ensuring that only individuals with granted access can use a device. You can also limit users to a specific set of actions, such as scanning to One Drive Business or their email address instead of the full scanning functionality.
Security with one login
Kyocera’s Print&Follow™ feature ensures only authorised individuals can access confidential or sensitive print information. It sends documents to the Kyocera Net Manager server, where print documents are securely stored until they are released from a printing device by authenticating the individual owner. This reduces the likelihood of sensitive information being left in printer trays.
See who’s accessing your printers
Kyocera’s print management software records everything action taken on every print device across your network, so you can see who is printing what and when. It also locks network access to the device – only Kyocera Net Manager can directly communicate with the device, direct all scanned documents and allow allocated print servers to print from devices. This significantly improves data security across your network.

Reduce printing costs

The system can also easily track printing costs, and provide an account of all print, scan and copy jobs for each user, device or department, improving visibility on costs. Your system manager can also set individual or department settings, such as black-and-white or duplex printing only.

Increase productivity

Plus, with the push of a button, users can perform Single Sign-On scanning to popular public cloud providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, SharePoint and other destinations like FTP, fax servers or personal folders.

Easy-to-use system

Users can also log in to Kyocera Net Manager from any web browser to check their job status, usage levels and available credits.

Simple implementation process

Installing Kyocera Net Manager takes four steps:

  • 01
    Checking requirements and compatibility

    Checking requirements and compatibility. We start with a site audit to assess your current printing operations, identify security requirements, and check print server compatibility and integration. Additionally, we will work with you to determine the number of users in your network, their access levels and your preferred authentication methods.

  • 02

    Once we’ve identified all your requirements, we install the print management software on your network or private cloud and securely link all your printers and MFD devices to the system.

  • 03
    Integrating user groups

    We then integrate and set up users and groups, including customised individual or group access levels. At this stage, we will also set up custom settings for the Print&Follow™ feature to enable any mobile, email or guest printing capabilities you require.

  • 04
    User acceptance and training

    We end our implementation process by training your team to operate the Kyocera Net Manager and providing comprehensive system guides and manuals.

  • 05
    Easy-to-use system

    Kyocera Net Manager is simple and easy to use. Users just need to swipe an ID card or log in on a device to release a job and collect their documents from any available printer or MFD. Users can also log in to Kyocera Net Manager from any web browser to check their job status, usage levels and available credits.

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Kyocera Net Manager is the print management software of choice for many Australian and New Zealand businesses. It offers complete control and visibility of your print environment while reducing costs and increasing security and productivity. Plus, it’s quick to install, simple to customise and easy to operate.

Don’t wait to secure your document management workflows. Book a consult to discuss how Kyocera Net Manager can protect your business today.

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