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Accounts Payable is an integral department in all organisations. With high demand on accuracy and time to manually receive multiple invoices, process and pay them, there is always room for error.

KYOCERA offer workflow solutions that can decrease this margin for error by automating the way invoices are received and processed.

Kyocera accounts payable solutions save time and reduce repetitive manual tasks. By capturing invoices (whether paper, fax, email or electronic) to a digital encrypted format, invoice details can be electronically matched to PO’s. This increases the accuracy of payments, as errors are highlighted, allowing a quick review and amendment of the captured invoice data. With less time spent on routine payments, the department becomes more efficient, resulting in shorter payment times for customers. By saving time, extra accounts payable resources can be directed to other value add activities within the business.


  • Reduce manual data entry/ Reduces accounts payable cycle times
  • Increase accuracy through real-time data validation
  • Transparency in the workflow – minimise bottlenecks
  • Compliance with all aspects of the process
  • Store and access your invoices with ease