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TechCollect Recycling Program

TechCollect Recycling Program

TechCollect is a nationwide recycling service for end-of-life TVs and computer products. It is part of a big effort by industry and the Australian government to cut the amount of electronic waste that goes into landfill. TechCollect was set up by over 60 of Australia’s leading technology importers and manufacturers, including Kyocera.

Households and small businesses can drop-off end-of-life TVs and computer products at a TechCollect site for safe recycling FREE of charge. Product received is broken down and the resulting materials are sold for reuse in new products. Less than 10% of the material recycled goes to landfill and the program only uses recyclers who have been independently audited to rigorous health safety and environmental standards.

Everywhere you see a TechCollect site, you know you can recycle e-waste safely.

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