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​​Kyocera Adopting Polylactic Acid

PLA is a biodegradable plastic made from sugar inside plants, such as corn, sugar corn and potato. It has recently come under the spotlight as an environment-friendly material. PLA is also used for several kinds of films and plastic materials.

PLA will be gradually implemented across various consumables by Kyocera commencing from January 2005.

Kyocera Adopting Lead Free Solder

Lead is contained in the parts, such as mounting solder and a wiring cable, so its eradication from a product is very difficult. Kyocera is the first manufacturer to introduce lead free solder in the Multi Functional Device (MFD) market. Although lead is usually used for the covering material of wiring as a stabilizer, lead free wiring cable is adopted in new Kyocera products.  Kyocera will develop a future product line considering the environment to protect the green earth.