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Dispose of Less. Recycle More.

Kyocera’s Machine Recycling program means a 100% zero-waste-to-landfill outcome for the disposal of your printers, copiers and MFD's.  What this means for you is that your printers, copiers and MFD's will be collected and recycled easily.  It is all part of our commitment to environmental care.

Kyocera's Machine Recycling Program

Kyocera provide a certified environmental recycling program which includes pick up of a single printer, copier or MFD from the customers site in the metropolitan area. The product must be disconnected and packed up at time of pick up. All materials received are processed according to Local, State and Federal laws and in an environmentally controlled way, eliminating waste to landfill. Used Electronic Waste is as prescribed under the Federal Hazardous Waste Act of 1989 and the guidelines of the Basel Convention (1994). This is an environmental recycling program of Electronic Waste known as eWaste, the Kyocera Machine Take back program is a symbol of Kyocera's commitment to the environment.

What is e-Recycling?

The recycling process involves the combination of manual dismantling and the application of technology and mechanical processing.  Various plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and glass will be separated and processed individually within the recycling facility.

Tonnes of computers, monitors, televisions and other electronic products of eWaste contain hazardous chemicals.  Globally, governments are trying to deal with this mounting problem because electronic products can leach toxins and hazardous substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium into surrounding ecosystems.  They also contain  valuable materials - steel, aluminium, microchips, gold and silver that can be recovered.

Australia is currently one of the top ten countries using ICT.  It is estimated 9.2 million computers are in use around Australia with a further 2.1 million due to enter the market this year. 

eWaste in Australia is growing at over 3 times the rate of general municipal waste, causing huge environmental concern.

For further details on Kyocera's machine take back program, please contact your local Kyocera office.