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Kyocera’s environmentally friendly packaging


Kyocera has been a signatory to the Australian (National) Packaging Covenant since 2003 and complies with the National Environment Protection (Used Packaging) Measure (NEPM). We proactively try to minimise the environmental impact of our packaging including, but not limited to, the use of bulk packaging and the taking back, reusing or recycling of our packaging when possible.

Kyocera packaging is made from recycled, all paper construction, and uses only vegetable and soy dyes in the printing process. Our packaging has won back-to-back awards at the Japan Packaging Contest and like everything else in our range can be fully recycled. All packaging materials are clearly labeled. All supporting documentation is printed on environmentally responsible paper.  The ink on our packaging is biodegradable.

Kyocera is committed to continuously designing and manufacturing products which impose minimum environmental load throughout their life cycle of production, sales, collection and recycling.

environmental friendly packaging Kyocera           environmental friendly packaging Kyocera