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Today's healthcare business poses many challenges not only in patient care but also for administrative tasks. You need to keep up with the constant and thorough archival and documentation of information. Budget cuts may force you to find ways to generate savings without impacting your patients and staff alike. And last but not least confidential patient information has to be protected from unauthorised access at all times, no matter how hectic the days get.

KYOCERA offers flexible solutions, which help you master all these tasks, whether it is about print and scan workflows or overall patient data management. We focus on reducing costs while increasing productivity. By using a modular concept and open interfaces, our solutions will always be tailored to meet the particular requirements of your hospital. This leaves you free to concentrate on the things that really matter – taking care of your patients! 


Extract data from forms, pathology test results or any other document and store against patient records in your system. KYOCERA solutions can recognise text in the image (OCR - Optical Character Recognition), marked checkboxes (OMR – Optical Mark Recognition) and forms field in block letters (ICR – Intelligent Character Recognition) and make a decision where and how to store the extracted information. Images can be scanned on a MFD, captured on mobile or delivered by any other method.


  • Minimises manual work that can lead to errors
  • Ensures that only authorised staff can access private patient records
  • Puts control in your workflows and documents
  • Empowers healthcare providers to work more securely and efficiently
  • Stores all records in a secure location and ensures that all communication is encrypted
  • Securely collect printed documents on devices