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    Kyocera announces strategic partnership with Leapfrog 3D Printers

    Sydney, Australia –17 October 2018: Leapfrog 3D's flagship desktop printer will be distributed in Australia and New Zealand after the company announced its partnership with Kyocera Document Solutions.

    The multinational company has mainly delivered 2D printing products and multifunction devices into the Australian market, having established an office in Sydney back in 1989. It is now looking to harness its wealth of contacts in the region to provide FDM 3D printing technology in the shape of Leapfrog's Bolt Pro.

    Kyocera is the exclusive distributor of the Bolt Pro in the region, and has identified the education, engineering/ industrial design, manufacturing, architecture, and healthcare markets as potential suitors to the machine. Users of the system prior to its availability in Australia and New Zealand include Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Rolls Royce, and Rollomatic.
    "We are excited to partner with Leapfrog and be the exclusive distributor of their industrial grade FDM 3D printer, the Bolt Pro, for the region" said Mark Vella, Head of Marketing and Strategy at Kyocera Document Solutions. "This strategic partnership aligns with our core strategy and offers mutual benefits to the customer with combining Leapfrog's technology and our strong business relationships, together we can help our customers to be at the forefront of this evolving market.

    "Our companies have already formed a close working relationship and we are looking forward to further collaboration to support the growth plans of both companies to deliver advanced 3D technology to new and existing markets."

    The Bolt Pro features independent dual extruders, which can withstand print temperatures of up to 360° when using Leapfrog's optional high-temperature nozzle. Users also have a sizable build volume to operate in – 330 x 320 x 205 mm when using one extruder and 300 x 320 x 205 when using two. The printer supports a range of materials including Engineering PLA, a polypropylene product, and Flex, a flexible, high impact option. It also promises accurate filament control with Direct Drive, an arrangement in which the filament drive is placed right above the extruder – a filament pressure adjustment knob allows the user to select the correct pressure for the filament in use.

    Leapfrog believes its Bolt Pro system is robust and durable, and thus is a suitable tool for integration in workflows that wish to enable faster production and easier workloads. Through the partnership with Kyocera, the company is excited to access new markets.

    "We're pleased to announce the new partnership with Kyocera Document Solutions Australia," commented Nick Vietnieks, Head of Resellers/ Distributors for Leapfrog 3D Printers. "The partnership will give Kyocera Document Solutions the opportunity to expand on their current portfolio by offering the latest in additive manufacturing technologies to their established network of clients. Kyocera Document Solutions will roll out exclusively in Australia and New Zealand with our flagship printer the Leapfrog Bolt Pro and with their extensive reach in each region they are in a position to offer their partners and end users an exceptional level of service and support on each device sold. We are excited to the future success together."