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    ​EPEAT is a definitive global rating system for greener electronics in the United States. EPEAT combines strict, comprehensive criteria for design, production, energy use and recycling with ongoing independent verification of manufacturer claims.  It aims to promote the development and sale of green electronics.  

    EPEAT was first adopted to evaluate PC and display equipment, and in 2013 expanded to cover imaging equipment including MFPs and printers. The 59 environmental criteria for imaging equipment include 33 mandatory criteria such as recovery and recycling of products and consumables.  Products that meet all mandatory criteria are eligible for bronze registration. Products that meet all mandatory and 50% of option criteria are eligible for silver, while gold registration for those that in addition meet 75% of the optional criteria.  

    In March 2014, KYCOCERA's multifunctional products (MFPs) and printers were Silver registered with EPEAT®.​

    EPEAT Silver

    ​​​​ Colour Single Function Printers (SFPs)
    ECOSYS P6030cdn
    ECOSYS P6026cdn
    ECOSYS P6021cdn


    ​​​​​​ Mono SFPs
    ECOSYS FS-4300DN
    ECOSYS FS-4200DN
    ECOSYS FS-4100DN
    ECOSYS FS-2100DN


    ​​​​​​ Colour Multifunction Devices (MFDs)
    TASKalfa 7551ci
    TASKalfa 6551ci
    TASKalfa 5551ci
    TASKalfa 3551ci
    TASKalfa 3051ci
    TASKalfa 2551ci


    ​​​​​​ Mono MFDs
    TASKalfa 8001i
    TASKalfa 6501i
    TASKalfa 5501i
    TASKalfa 4501i
    TASKalfa 3501i
    TASKalfa 3510i
    TASKalfa 3010i